Art For Art’s Sake # 158 – Comics Have The Greatest Art…

by Richard Bruton

Art For Art’s Sake; a weekly trip around the world of comic art for you!

Oh, this is gorgeous from Kat Cass – Congratulations!

And speaking of great things and congratulations due – Roger Langridge

Pascal Campion

Steve Pugh:

I guess he’s out there, so I can show you my design for the Etrigan the Demon Brainiac!

Ian Gibson

Tried an experiment – not sure that it worked all that well. But working up in scale to A3 could help with the wrist. So here’s my first A3 effort.

Colleen Doran – great Harley!

Steven Austin – Dredd & Anderson –

And a John McCrea Anderson as well…

Pander Bros – Grendel –

And on a Grendel theme – John K Snyder does Grendel Godfather style …

Jamie McKelvieCaptain Carter #1

Sebastian Piriz – The Bat

Jeremy Brooks – Venom

And John McCrea doing the same –


Chris Bachelo – More DD

Bruno Redondo – Nightwing

Dan Mora – DD

Jorge Fornés – The Doctor

Mike McKone – Clea – part of a series of amazing portraits he’s been doing…

Jose Luis Garcia Lopez

Dan Cornwell‘2000 AD Webshop exclusive hardback edition of John Wagner and my latest Judge Dredd story – The Citadel.’

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