Writer Jeff Parker Takes Vampirella Back To The 1970s In September’s ‘Vampirella: Mindwarp’ #1

by Erik Amaya

Vampi is making a leap to the past in September.

Dynamite announced Tuesday the imminent debut of Vampirella: Mindwarp, a new tale from writer Jeff Parker and artist Benjamin Dewey. When Baroness Gruzal decides she wants to inhabit Vampirella’s body and live forever, she assigns a young man named Ren to stalking the Daughter of Drakulon. But when the two decide to team up against Gruzal, they find their minds sent back to 1969 — Vampirella in her own younger body (with a classic costume to boot) and Ren in the body of her magician ally Pendragon.

“Getting to work with Ben Dewey on a book again is a rare joy, and then for it to be classic Vampirella puts this over the top for me,” Parker said in a statement. “Drawing monsters and mystic weirdness is a strength of his, but it’s the personality he gives Vampi that really makes this sing. I think readers are going to be pleasantly surprised by the places this story goes. The Baroness is a very forward foe who doesn’t hide her obsession with Vampi. Also, we’re not forgetting that in addition to being a horror book, Vampirella was also gothic romance back in the day.”

The issue will be supported by covers from Dewey, Joseph Michael Linsner and Lesley “Leirix” Li, Jonathan Case, and cosplayer Katie Baker.

Vampirella: Mindwarp #1 is set for a September release.

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