A Surprising Return Helps ‘The Flash’ … A Little

by Frank Martin

Fans are a strange bunch. When a story doesn’t line up perfectly or if there are plot holes or things that just don’t make sense, they are quick to attack and point them out. But they also tend to forget just how ridiculous comics can be. So when a movie or a show adapts them, sometimes it helps to embrace that absurdity. The Flash can get pretty absurd at times. So much so that it can become a distraction from actually enjoying it. When it comes to the Reverse-Flash (Tom Cavanagh), though, it’s been so ridiculous from the very beginning that there’s a certain amount of relief that comes from just going with the flow.

The Reverse-Flash might have the most complicated history out of any television character ever. It’s so complicated it would be difficult to wrap up in one paragraph. This episode of The Flash does a decent of job going through the bullet points of where the original Eobard Thawne (Matt Letscher) has been. And it’s nice to see his character return in a new and interesting way.

Overall, my assessment of the episode is the same as the others for the season. It was fun by itself, but at this stage in the game, The Flash should be tying things together. These standalone episodes need to be a part of something. The bits and pieces of the various storylines are great. But the overall feeling of the entire season is disjointed and disconnected. There are so many plot threads lingering that the show feels adrift without a direction. With the amount of episodes they have left, it will be certainly interesting to see if they could use the different threads to tie a seamless knot. If they can, then this season can certainly salvage itself and go out with a bang. But it’s a tall order and I’m not quite sure the Flash (Grant Gustin) is up to the task.

The Flash airs on The CW.

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