Pull List Previews: Presenting Popular Previews From The Past Week In Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Each and every Saturday we offer up a selection of popular previews from the past week of new comic book releases as an indicator of what may be hot comics this week you may want to check out on any trip to your local comic book store you may be taking this weekend.

  1. Marvel have two this week that make the list of popular previews.First up, Thor: Lightning and Lament #1.
  2. Then we have Spider-Man 2099 #3.
  3. DC Comics came up strong with Action Comics #1044 preview.
  4. And, the final issue of Tom Kings epic, Batman/Catwoman #12 too.
  5. Finally, from IDW, we get The Best of Godzilla one-shot. You just can’t keep a good monster down. Not when it’s Godzilla.

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