‘Star Ocean: The Divine Force’ Releases October 27th

by Sage Ashford



After months with no news, tri-Ace and Square-Enix have confirmed the sixth entry in their Star Ocean series, Star Ocean: The Divine Force, will be launching October 27th. This information came paired with info from a live-stream, including info on the characters and world, and the first eight minutes of the game for the protagonist Raymond.

Similar to Star Ocean 2: Second Story, this game will tell the story from two different perspectives: Raymond Lawrence, captain of a merchant vessel in space, and Laeticia, a crown princess of the country of Aucerius. The “Main Characters and Combat” trailer mentions the story will unfold differently based on who the player chooses. If it’s like Star Ocean 2, this will potentially mean there are certain events that are missed or characters that won’t join depending on which character is picked.  The trailer also highlights a focus on sci-fi for Raymond and fantasy for Laeticia, which might be the main difference.

Lastly, the live stream showed off the game’s first eight minutes from Raymond’s perspective, which shows the space pilot’s ship shot down by a Pangalactic military ship.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force will be available for PlayStation and Xbox consoles and PC via Steam.

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