‘Spider-Man’ #1 Launches In October To End The Spider-Verse

by Tony Thornley

The infamous Morlun is returning to haunt Peter Parker, and he’s bringing familiar creators and a familiar title along with him.

Plain old adjective-less Spider-Man hasn’t been published since the late 90’s, when the spin-off originally created for Todd MacFarlane was retitled Peter Parker: Spider-Man. Now the title, which was once the best selling comic of all time, is returning with two Spider-Man legends- Dan Slott & Mark Bagley– at the helm. This will be Slott’s sixth relaunch of Spidey, and Bagley’s fifth run, and ties closely to Amazing Spider-Man by Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr.

The new title picks up with Slott’s long-planned conclusion to the story he started with Spider-Verse. The story begins as events change the fate of Spiders all across the Spider-Verse- Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Arana, Ghost Spider, Spider Noir and many many more.

From Marvel’s press release: Morlun is back and he is not alone. Allied with one of the most powerful beings known to the Spider-Verse, the scariest Spider-Villain of all time is making his biggest play and no Spider is safe. Especially not the Chosen Spider himself, Peter Parker. With Peter working for Norman Osborn and using a glider…does he have it coming?

Here’s what Slott had to say about his grand return to Spider-Man:

“How does it feel to be writing Spider-Man again? Like I’m home. Like there’s nowhere else I’d rather be. How does it feel to be working on it with Mark Bagley, one of the greatest Spidey icons of all-time?! Honored, excited, and unstoppable! Mark and I are two guys who live to tell Spider-Man stories. Cut us and we bleed Spider-Man. And now Marvel has entrusted the two of us to bring back their monthly– adjectiveless– SPIDER-MAN title!

“We are not going to let you down. We’re going to take BIG swings in each and every issue! And the first thing we’re doing, right out of the gate, is the Spider-Verse comic to END all Spider-Verse comics!

“THE END OF THE SPIDER-VERSE will see Peter, Miles, and your favorite characters from previous Spider-Verse stories, along with all-new characters from the upcoming EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE mini, slam them all together, and bring the entire SPIDER-VERSE saga to a fiery close! It’s going to have lots of action, surprises, but most of all, it’s going to have a lot of heart! Even though this story will be epic, it will also have a profound effect on Peter Parker. You are not going to want to miss this!”

 “Dan and I have been wanting to work together for years, and having the opportunity to be the artist that is there to wrap up his Spider-verse storyline is really exciting,” Bagley added. “Further, I’m thrilled to see where this book takes us from there.”

Spider-Man #1 is out in October from Marvel Comics. Be sure to let your shop know you’d like to pick it up and watch for more news as we get it.

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