A Look At Disney’s ‘ZOMBIES 3’

by Frank Martin

As a middle-aged man, it’s difficult to write a review for something developed with preteen girls in mind. If given the choice, a Disney musical about zombies wouldn’t be high on my list of things to watch. But my daughter has been waiting for the conclusion of this trilogy for over a year, so it was definitely in my best interest to watch it with her. Besides marking a strike against it because the zombies don’t actually eat anybody, there are certain ways to critique any story. For instance, given that I will probably be listening to the soundtrack for the foreseeable future, the songs are one category. There are also elements like the standard story structure and character arcs, while remembering the intended audience in mind.

From a story standpoint, ZOMBIES 3 is definitely fun. With the werewolves, zombies, and humans all living nicely together, it just makes sense to throw aliens into the mix and see how it all plays out. The one downside to trilogies like this, though, is that the ensemble cast keeps getting bigger and it becomes difficult to give each character their own moment to shine. ZOMBIES 3 does a decent job at it, but probably not as good as Descendants 3. Also, I felt the soundtrack took a step down too, with the songs from the first movie being the best. There are also several plot holes and questionable choices, none of which are particularly important. Also, the story moved along at a fine pace.

But at the end of the day, none of that truly matters. Because a movie — any movie — is made with a purpose in mind. For ZOMBIES 3, that purpose is to entertain children while delivering a message of inclusion and respect. The fact that I got to experience that along with my own kids means it did its job, and I have no problem seeing it again with them in the future.

ZOMBIES 3 is now streaming on Disney+.

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