Review: ‘Ordinary Gods’ #7 Attempts A Comeback

by Benjamin Hall


The current incarnations of The Awakened assemble to train and strategize. Yet, various lifetimes weigh heavily on some more than others. Not to mention differing opinions could hurt their ability to plan against their enemies. Can they work together this go-around, or will they fall to each other before their enemies can act? Speaking of which, what exactly are their enemies’ plans?


The production art, designs, and logo all look as good as ever. However, one of the characters looks older on both the cover and interiors. While this is a visual improvement it is also a bit jarring. That said both the cover and interior art are relatively high quality. Though some might find this opinion debatable due to how certain page layouts look, especially page one’s split screen panels. This page’s opposing views in several parallel panels do not always mesh due to the characters’ eye lines. Luckily, the line work and ability to keep characters mostly on model makes up for this problem.

Ordinary Gods #7 (2022) cover art by Felipe Watanabe and cover colors by Frank William.

Undoubtably the art of both the cover and interiors would be lesser if not for the wide-ranging selection of hues. The hues elevate the art by enhancing the idea of texture and drawing the eye to the art.

The long hiatus between Issues 6 and 7 of this series has definitely hurt the narrative’s momentum. This is most obvious due to how there is apparently a time jump in this series of perhaps a few weeks or months. Yet, without a clear indicator in dialogue or via a time stamp there is no way to be sure. Fortunately the character interactions and dialogue will allow some readers not to feel a need to re-read previous issues. As far as the back-up material goes there is a sense of foreboding when one connects it to the main narrative’s events. Although both parts contain decent writing they seem weaker than in previous installments.

The lettering is fine when it comes to anchoring and positioning. However, one bit of text may be hard for those with certain cases of color-blindness to enjoy.

The creative team consists of: Writers Kyle Higgins, Joe Clark, and Jana Tropper, artist Felipe Watanabe, colorist Frank William, letterer Clayton Cowles, production artist Ryan Brewer, logo designer Rich Bloom, and editor/designer Michael Busuttil.

Ordinary Gods #7 (2022) is out now from Image Comics.

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