‘Spider-Verse Unlimited’ Spotlights Peni Parker In Latest Arc

by Tony Thornley

Peni Parker and her robot companion Sp//dr was one of the breakout stars of Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. It’s only natural that she would get a spotlight in Marvel Unlimited’s Spider-Verse Unlimited.

Written and drawn by I Kill GiantsKen Niimura, this six issue arc is structured as the perfect entry point for anyone interested in Peni and her world.

From the solicitation: On Earth-14512, Peni Parker just wants to be a regular teenager. But how normal can it be when you share a psychic bond with a radioactive spider in order to co-pilot a mech suit as Sp//der? Will Peni defeat Atomic Lizard in time to watch the most popular show ever, get the cool kids to notice her, finish her homework, and save the world?

“‘Peni Parker: After School’ talks about something that probably feels very close to everyone,” says Niimura. “How do you balance personal life and work in this modern world? This, which we could think is something exclusive to the adult world, is something that kids know all too well: How do you keep up with homework when you have to save the world? How do you make friends? And in the case of Peni, how do you follow in the footsteps of a father you’ve barely gotten to know?”

 He continues: “The thing with Peni Parker, originally created by Jake Wyatt and Gerard Way, is that, being a relatively new character, there’s still not much published yet. My intention was to create a story that could serve as an introduction to her character and world for veterans and newcomers alike. Peni Parker might be riding a giant robot, but her story might be closer to yours than you think!”

Spider-Verse Unlimited #7 is available now exclusively on the Marvel Unlimited app or marvel.com/unlimited/.

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