DC Comics Turns Back The Clock And Celebrates The ’90s With ‘Wild C.A.T.S.’ And More

by Olly MacNamee

The Press Release heralds the nineties as a decade that brought “some of the greatest moments in comics, including Wildstorm’s debut, Batman/Spawn crossovers, The Death of Superman.” And it did. But it also saw the implosion of the comic collectors market and a plethora of redundant gimmick covers. So, here’s hoping DC Comics focusses on just the positives in their roll out of ’90s inspired titles. And, to be fair, it looks they have with the return of WildC.A.T.S. by writer Matthew Rosenberg (Batman: Urban Legends; Task Force Z) and artist Stephen Segovia (I Am Batman; Spawn) and spinning from the pages of Batman: Urban Legends. Plus Amanda Waller goes up against Wildstorm in Waller Vs Wildstorm, Wildstorm 30th Anniversary Special #1 and more.

Matthew Rosenberg had this to say about WildC.A.T.S.:

“WildC.A.T.S. has always been a mix of everything I love in comics. From the very first issue it exploded off the pages with the coolest characters, the most gorgeous art, the craziest ideas, and it was never afraid to be subversive, go harder, and push things further than its contemporaries. Now we’re smashing all of that good stuff full speed into the heart of the DC Universe. I’d say we’re going to be respectful and try not to break things…but that would be a lie.”

And now, for more details on the above two titles and more:

WildC.A.T.s #1
“Spinning from the pages of BATMAN comes the senses-shattering new series! The HALO Corporation has gathered a motley crew of operatives, led by Cole “Grifter” Cash, who are going to make the world a better place…no matter who they have to kill! Working in the shadows of the DC Universe, this new covert team has been tasked with gathering an elite group of scientists for the first phase of their plan…but the ‘Cats mysterious leader, Void, might have other plans!”

ON SALE 11/8/22

WildC.A.T.s # 2
“The mission has gone sideways for the ‘Cats team as they inadvertently run afoul of the LAST group they wanted to cross paths with…the Court of Owls! It’s the fight of the year with Talon vs Zealot!”

ON SALE 12/6/22

Waller Vs Wildstorm #1


“In the early 1980s, as the Cold War stubbornly refuses to thaw, a new battle heats up…for the soul of the intelligence agency Checkmate. As the agency’s super-heroic public face, Jackson King—a.k.a. The armored Battalion, former leader of Stormwatch and the symbol of American might—has long suspected that Adeline Kane is up to dirty tricks overseas, engineering horrors that betray everything he believes about service to one’s country. But King doesn’t know that Kane has a clever new ally—an ambitious young woman named Amanda Waller. She has her own ideas about how metahumans can serve their country. And honor, dignity, and long lives don’t factor into them… National-security reporter Spencer Ackerman (The Daily Beast, Reign of Terror), comics and video game writer Evan Narcisse (Black Panther, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Batman: Gotham Knights – Gilded City), and veteran artist Eric Battle (Aquaman, Kobalt) celebrate WildStorm’s legacy of espionage-flavored superhero morality plays, pitting Stormwatch against the deadliest people in the DCU—including Deathstroke himself!”

ON SALE 11/15/22

Wildstorm 30th Anniversary Special #1 

Cover by JIM LEE

“In 1992 Jim Lee changed the course of comics history with the founding of WildStorm Productions, which would revolutionize the business and launch the careers of so many top creators. 30 years later the impact of the imprint, character and creators is felt to this day! In honor of this legacy comes a 100 page giant that pays homage to the past…and looks toward the future! Part of this mammoth special will be reprinting—for the first time in periodical form!—short stories from the acclaimed WildStorm: A Celebration of 25 Years hardcover, including stories by Jim Lee, J. Scott Campbell, Brett Booth, Dustin Nguyen and more…and also included will be new stories featuring WildStorm characters in the DC Core line, charting their future in the DC Universe.”
ON SALE 11/29/22

Furthetmore, throughout November DC will feature over 15 ‘90s themed variant covers across its line of comics, including five fully embossed covers (marked in bold with one to be announced), from some of the top cover artists.

  • Action Comics #1049 by ROGER CRUZ
  • Batman #129 by RYAN BENJAMIN
  • Batman Incorporated #2 by CHRIS BURNHAM
  • Batman vs Robin #3 by CARLO BARBERI
  • Batman/Superman World’s Finest #9 by CHIP ZDARSKY
  • Batgirls #12 by PAULINA GANUCHEAU (to be revealed)
  • Black Adam #6 by CARLO BARBERI
  • Catwoman #49 by JIM BALENT
  • Detective Comics #1066 by KYLE HOTZ
  • Harley Quinn #24 by JONBOY MEYERS
  • I am Batman #15 by KHARY RANDOLPH
  • Nightwing #98 by BRIAN STELFREEZE (to be revealed)
  • Superman: Son of Kal-El #17 by STEVEN BUTLER
  • The Flash #788 by TODD NAUCK
  • The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing #2 by KELLEY JONES
  • Tim Drake: Robin #3 by TODD NAUCK
  • WildC.A.T.s #1 by BRETT BOOTH and SANDRA HOPE
  • Wonder Woman #793 by JEN BARTEL

The fully embossed covers have an FOC date of September 18th.

And then, to add to all this there’s also the reprinting of both Batman/Spawn: War Devil #1 by creators Doug Moench, Chuck Dixon, Alan Grant, and Klaus Janson and Spawn/Batman from Frank Miller and Todd McFarlane in one complete collection, Batman/Spawn: The Classic Collection. Out on November 15th, ahead of the release of the highly anticipated Batman/Spawn from Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo on December 16th.

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