Review: ‘Ordinary Gods’ #8 Run Erratically

by Benjamin Hall


In this issue the reveal of a past incarnation of Gracie (the dog) gets exploration. While in modern day a stand occurs against one of the Awakened’s own. Can another of the Awakened help keep all of them alive? or is a reset via reincarnation going to happen?


Writers Kyle Higgins and Joe Clark create the main story’s script. While writer Jana Tropper is responsible for scripting the back-up story. Of the two stories the latter one is arguably better in terms of establishing and maintaining a consistent tone. However, this is due to Tropper having to be a little more creative when providing characterization, as well as other details. Nevertheless, the main story Higgins and Clark provide some strong bits of characterization. Unfortunately Higgins and Clark write one page in a way that does not transition well. This page also ends this installment of the main narrative in a way that feels abrupt, and is somewhat contradictory to the plot’s development.

Ordinary Gods #8 cover art by Felipe Watanabe and colors by Frank William

Artist Felipe Watanabe and colorist Frank William use the obvious reference of the 1495-1498 Leonardo da Vinci  painting “The Last Supper” for the wraparound cover’s design. While there are enough deviations on the cover to refresh the characterization the use of the general design is relatively lazy. Yet, like the majority of the interiors the cover features a high quality execution of art and coloring. Speaking of the interiors, the range of hues assists in enhancing the already vast amounts of depth and texture. Regrettably there is one panel that is exceptionally jarring. It is way too small for letterer Clayton Cowles (who otherwise does a great job) to properly position the text. Not to mention the perspective combines with the lettering to make the sequencing confusing.

Logo designer Rich Bloom’s work is still holding up relatively well. However, the color of the logo arguably clashes a bit with the range of hues on the cover.

The non-narrative graphics that production artist Ryan Brewer and editor/designer Michael Busuttil provide are still good. Although Busuttil being both an editor and designer should have caught the sequencing problem in the narrative that affects both Watanabe’s and Cowles’s respective works

Ordinary Gods #8 is out now from Image Comics.

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