Advance Review: ‘Ghost Planet’ One-Shots It

by Benjamin Hall


Body horror and aliens abound on the ghost planet. This mysterious planet has never seen a return trip from it. Can one group of space explorers survive and return from this dangerous locale? Or will they quickly lose themselves to the ghost planet?


The main cover is by artist/letterer Sean Von Gorman and colorist Omar Estevez. It features an ominous atmosphere thanks to both the placement of the lone helmet and the color palette. This cover’s palette mainly consists of purples, black, reds and yellows. Though it is the purples that are most prominent at creating the tonal atmosphere. Gorman also provides more texture to this cover than some of the interior pages. Thus, readers get confident line work and a sense of Gorman’s style with this cover.

Ghost Planet (2022) Variant Cover B art by Michael Allred and colors by Laura Allred

Writer Jeffrey Burandt sees an enhancement of his dialogue via the way Gorman places it. It occurs in a way that assists with the amount of horror genre tension each page has. Burandt and Gorman nicely combine their talents to turn a rather standard concept into a decent sci-fi horror story. Although one of the visuals looks way too phallic for the teen plus rating this one-shot has. Finally Burandt and Gorman definitely understand characterization, and pacing, and apply that knowledge to this comic.

There are two variant covers by artist Tess Fowler. One features a main character screaming in a space suit while eyes on stalks surround her. The primary use of red and black adds to the horror of the design. Fowler’s other variant cover design is rather bland in design, especially the pose. However, those who seek retailer incentive and/or glow-in-the-dark covers might still enjoy this variant.

Artist Michael Allred and colorist Laura Allred provide a variant cover. The color palette has a great range. They also greatly enhance the sense of depth. Michael Allred does a mostly great job on almost all of the art, but the facial expression is a bit goofy looking. Also the ankles look to have damage to them for no apparent reason.

The graphic design work of production artist Nate Johnson is most apparent with the great placement on the credits page. Johnson also does well with placing the trade dress

Ghost Planet sees release from Scout Comics on October 19th.

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