Love Comes To Patience This Fall In ‘Resident Alien: The Book Of Love’

by Brendan M. Allen

Dark Horse Comics is teaming up once again with Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse to bring you a new chapter of the Resident Alien saga. Resident Alien: The Book of Love follows the beloved alien detective Harry on another thrilling ride as he attempts to move on from the events of the previous volume. Only this time, he attempts to navigate one of the most thrilling journeys of all–love.

‘The comics that inspired the hit SYFY series continue! As the government agency that was trailing Harry decides to back off, his life in Patience quiets down a little. Harry and Asta grow closer, romance blooms, and guards are let down. Life always has a way of keeping things exciting, and big things can happen in small towns.’


Resident Alien: The Book of Love #1 will be in comic shops November 16, 2022 for $3.99. 

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