‘Marvel Contest Of Champions’ Launches New Competitive 1v1 Mode Battlegrounds

by Gary Catig

Players of Marvel Contest of Champions have eagerly anticipated the arrival of Battlegrounds. Well, the wait is over because Kabab has announced the new playable mode has arrived in the mobile brawler.

Battlegrounds is the newest 1v1 competitive mode where you make decks featuring your most powerful Champions to battle against other opponents. Strategy is integral since an innovative drafting phase is used to create matchups. You’ll also need to have in-game knowledge in order to counteract your rival’s picks. You can learn more here.

Battlegrounds features:

  • Deck Builder with Multiple Deck Loadouts – Build your deck with your top 30 Champions to challenge your fellow Summoners in a best-of-three all out brawl!
  • Season/Ranked System – Advance through the Victory Track to reach the Gladiator Circuit for monthly seasons and top rewards!
  • Friendly Matches – Challenge your friends in 1v1 matches with no entry cost – they must be on your friends list or in your alliance.

Also, don’t forget that Titania and Iron Man (Infamous) are the new collectible characters this month.

Marvel Contest of Champions is currently available for download.

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