‘This Way Madness Lies’ Combines Shakespeare With Magical Girls

by Sage Ashford

Zeboyd Games has been putting out high-quality 16-bit RPGs for years now, like with their futuristic RPG from 2017, Cosmic Star Heroine. Their latest game, This Way Madness Lies, asks a group of magical girls to save different worlds based on Shakespearean plays from the forces of Nightmare.

The game promises to be a short-but-sweet adventure, with the Steam page boasting the game will last around four or five hours, stating their goal is to be “all killer, no filler”. Still, there’s plenty to do in the game, from putting on plays to getting a pet to care for. It’s also got a “New English” translator for people who can’t deal with Shakespearean dialogue.

This Way Madness Lies launches on Steam November 10th.

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