Webcomic Weekly: Marguerite Sauvage Is Martin Mady

by Richard Bruton

Webcomic Weekly, sometimes weekly, always webcomics, great comics online for you. This week, Marguerite Sauvage’s alter-ego, Martin Mady:

You might know Marguerite Sauvage as the Canada-based, French illustrator whose work you’ve seen on Wonder Woman, Bombshells, Ms Marvel, Hawkeye, Archie Comics, Red Sonja, but Sauvage has also been drawing under the name Martin Mady or Madeleine Mady for some time, with her work appearing on Twitter for a while but only recently started appearing in English and looks a lot like this…


With her new book, No Kidding, with writer Véronique (Véro) Cazot, out from FairSquare Comics, this is the perfect time to follow Martin online and take a look at the wonderful work she’s doing.


No Kidding tells “the story of two young women, Jean and Lucy, as they navigate the decision to have, or not have, kids in the context of stable relationships and their active social lives.” In the current climate of post-Roe V Wade USA, this looks like being an essential read for these times.

No Kidding was published in France in 2011 and now the story, updated by Cazot and Martin, is being published in the US by FairSquare Comics.

Martin has recently begun translating some of her ‘Mady’s notes’ into English; they’re well worth the time to read.



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