Henry Cavill To Return As Superman

by Erik Amaya

The long-standing rumors were true. Superman lives again.

A few days out from the premiere of Black Adam, Justice League star Henry Cavill took to his Instagram account to confirm that, yes, he will return as Superman in a forthcoming Warner Bros. Pictures project.


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“I wanted to make it official,” the actor said. “I’m back as Superman.”

The post confirms long-held rumors about the actor’s eventual return. The earliest rumblings occurred two years ago with the claim reaching a fevered pitch just before this year’s Comic-Con International: San Diego. At the time, reports indicated Cavill would appear on stage to announce his return, but this did not transpire. Subsequent reporting suggested another COVID outbreak on the set of The Witcher or the ongoing turmoil at Warner Bros. Discovery may have delayed the plan. Indeed, even Deadline is claiming the actor’s deal is still being worked out and the true nature of his return has yet to be finalized, so don’t get Man of Steel 2 hopes up just yet.

Cavill also returned as Superman in the closing moments of Black Adam, confronting the title character after Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) made a claim to send someone “not of this Earth” to stop any expansionist thoughts Adam (Dwayne Johnson) might espouse. But Superman’s only line — “It’s been a long time since someone may the world this nervous; let’s talk,” suggests the Man of Tomorrow may try a different tactic than the machismo display of strength Hawkman (Aldis Hodge) employed throughout most of the film’s runtime.

Also, while we’ll speculating, why would Clark ever be at Waller’s beck and call?

No matter how subsequent plot threads turn out, the return of Superman at least suggests a new stability for Warner’s DC Entertainment brand despite almost nothing but Crisis from the division since Discovery took possession of the storied Warner studio. Of course, with DC Films president Walter Hamada leaving his post last week and no apparent replacement on the horizon, it remains to be seen just how stable the currents will be when Superman makes a proper return.

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