David Tennant To Return To Voice Luther Arkwright For ‘Heart Of Empire’ Audio

by Richard Bruton

It’s a month of returns for actor David Tennant – first the Doctor and now a return to voicing Bryan Talbot’s iconic Luther Arkwright for Big Finish Audio!

The cover to the new Big Finish Luther Arkwright: Heart of Empire – art by Bryan Talbot, of course!

News came out a few days back that David Tennant would return to voice Luther Arkwright in the new Big Finish audio adaptation of the second Arkwright adventure Heart of Empire, set for release in June 2023 – Tennant first voiced Arkwright in the original adaptation The Adventures of Luther Arkwright back in 2005.

In one of those wonderful cosmic coincidences, 2005 was also the year Tennant began his popular run as the 10th Doctor on our TV screens. And of course, after the surprise events of the finale of the last Jodie Whittaker 13th Doctor (c’mon, surely you don’t need spoiler warnings by now?) it’s perfect synchronicity that Tennant’s returning as both the 14th Doctor AND Luther Arkwright in 2023!

Bryan Talbot’s cover to the original 2005 audio adaptation of Luther Arkwright

The original audio adapted Bryan Talbot’s original series The Adventures of Luther Arkwright, one of the greatest graphic novels there’s ever been in comics history, originally published from 1978.

This second audio adaptation covers Talbot’s second Luther Arkwright series, Heart of Empire, originally published in 1999 and featuring Arkwright’s daughter, Victoria – played by Georgina Hellier in this new audio adaptation. The audio drama is adapted by Mark Wright.


“Luther Arkwright was introduced to me by Big Finish with the script of the first instalment. When I read it, I was captivated. There’s something very hypnotic about the world that Bryan Talbot creates. It was hugely appealing! What a treat and these characters.” – David Tennant

“After their great adaptation of The Adventures of Luther Arkwright, I can’t wait to hear Big Finish’s production of the second story, Heart of Empire. I’m especially pleased that David Tennant is reprising his role as Luther Arkwright.” – Bryan Talbot

You can pre-order The Adventures of Luther Arkwright: Heart of Empire now as a collector’s edition 2-disc CD box set from Big Finish.

And obviously, the entire Luther Arkwright saga should have a place on your bookshelf. Probably the best way to get hold of the first two books is 2014’s Arkwright Integral hardback or the softcover Luther Arkwright. Add to that the third volume, The Legend of Luther Arkwright, published by Jonathan Cape in the UK and you have a trilogy of the very finest sci-fi ever committed to the comic page.

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