Xbox Live Gold Adds “Prateorians — HD Remaster” And “Dead End Job” For November 2022

by Sage Ashford

Microsoft has confirmed the games coming to their premium Xbox Games with Gold service for November. Praetorians — HD Remaster- and Dead End Job will be available for this cycle. Xbox News Wire discusses both titles:

Praetorians – HD Remaster

Rome wasn’t built in a day so lucky for you that Praetorians – HD Remaster is unlocked for an entire month! Set during the era of the Roman Empire, this is a real-time strategy game with over 20 campaign missions. You can play as three different armies – the Gauls, Egyptians, and Roman Legions – across three different lands. Every army has its strengths and weaknesses for you to explore and experience as you also exploit the flaws of your enemies. Use your terrain to your advantage. Battle your way to seize victory and become the Emperor.

Dead End Job

Seems like a lot of those ghosts from October are still hanging around in November, so it’s up to you, Hector Plasm, to strap on your vacuum pack, grab your plasma blaster, and get to work! Dead End Job channels the wild funsanity of Saturday morning cartoons, smashing together ectoplasmic gross-out gags, vibrant boo-tiful art, and slapsticky spooky comedy. It’s a procedurally generated couch co-op that you can play solo or with your Ghoul-B-Gone buddy. Do you have the inner spirit to put all of these pests to rest?

Praetorians — HD Remaster will be available for the entire month of November, while Dead End Job will be available from November 16th to December 15th.


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