10 Years Of Avery Hill Publishing: Celebrating With Tillie Walden

by Richard Bruton

It’s astonishingly 10 years since Avery Hill Publishing came into being, one of Britain’s best small publishers and a publisher whose name on a book means it’s always worth looking at. To celebrate their 10th anniversary, something special from Tillie Walden

Tillie Walden’s limited edition print for the 10th anniversary of Avery Hill Publishing

As part of those 10th-anniversary celebrations, Avery Hill Publishing are going to be offering signed and numbered prints from some of the artists they’ve published over the years.

And the first one of these, something suitably gorgeous and referencing her work with Avery Hill over the years, is by Tillie Walden.

It’s available to pre-order right now right here. It’s a limited edition, signed and numbered print of 200 print, A4 size, shipping at the end of November 2022.

There’s also an offer to pick it up as a discounted double-bill with the limited edition signed and numbered On A Sunbeam print.

The Tillie Walden On A Sunbeam limited print

Tillie Walden’s work with Avery Hill began with her debut graphic novel The End Of Summer, published in 2015. Avery Hill first saw her work and contacted her about publishing back in 2014, when Walden had to decline so she could finish High School – an immense talent with so many years of creativity ahead of her.

Since then, she’s published the graphic novels I Love This Part, A City Inside, On A Sunbeam, as well as Alone In Space (a collection of early work that includes The End of Summer, A City Inside and I Love This Part, and short comics) with Avery Hill, as well as Spinning and Are You Listening from First Second. Her rise and rise continued through 2022, with her first picture book, My Parents Won’t Stop Talking, with Emma Hunsinger, published by First Second, and she’s working on the three-part Image Comics series Clemantine, set in The Walking Dead universe. In 2023, she’s got the first of two Junior High books with Tegan and Sara coming out from Farrar, Straus and Giroux (FSG).

A massive talent and yet more proof, if proof were ever needed, that Avery Hill Publishing has, for the last 10 years and hopefully for many, many more, are a hotbed of young talent – go have a look at their books, go read Tillie Walden’s books. You really won’t be disappointed at all.


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