Dark Horse Books Reveals New Trailer For Sci-Fi Noir ‘Wiper’ OGN

by Brendan M. Allen

Dark Horse Books has revealed a new trailer featuring never-before-seen art from their upcoming Wiper TPB, out next Wednesday from writer John Harris Dunning, artist Ricardo Cabral, and colorist Brad Simpson

‘Lula Nomi is a Wiper–a private detective who guarantees complete discretion. A memory wipe after every job sees to that. When she is hired by enigmatic robot Klute she thinks the case is the answer to all her problems. But there’s something oddly familiar about Klute–and the more she investigates the disappearance of journalist Orson Glark, the more she suspects that he’s somehow connected to her own past . . .

Lula must face her greatest fears to learn what happened to Glark . . . and the truth about herself.’

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