‘Death Fight Forever’ Is Fully Funded On Kickstarter

by Tito W. James

Death Fight Forever is a 144 page graphic novel created by Andrew MacLean (Head Lopper, ApocalyptiGirl) and Alexis Ziritt (Space Riders, Night Hunters) inspired by beat ‘em up video games, underground comics, and B-movies. The creative duo promise an action-comedy about revenge, redemption, and grief.

Andrew MacLean says


Death Fight Forever is a passion project between two best friends. Alexis and I have known each other for years but never told a story together. Being a huge fan of his work, I wrote this script FOR Alexis. It’s not just some story I wanted to tell, and Alexis isn’t a random choice. It’s something I’ve written specifically to his strengths. I really think you’re going to love what he does with it.


In 2017, MacLean and his wife, Erin, started Laser Wolf Attack (LWA) as a brand to produce art inspired apparel, accessories, and toys. The company is now expanding into publishing and Death Fight Forever is the first of three books the company has slated to publish over the next two years. Fans of creative genre comics should rejoice.

You can reserve your copy of Death Fight Forever right now on Kickstarter and click here for an Extended Preview.

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