‘Final Space’ Creator Olan Rogers Delivers A Heartfelt Update Video

by Tito W. James

Final Space was an Scifi adventure comedy from 2018 that gained a cult following for its characters, world-building, and bloodthirsty bad guys. After the show was bounced around from network to network the series fell prey to the infamous HBO Max tax write-off and has now become lost media. It’s a cruel fate because Final Space had lots of creative potential. Now that action Scifi/Fantasy animated shows for adults are becoming more normalized Final Space would probably perform better today than when it initially premiered.

But much like the plucky space crew in the show, Olan Rogers refuses to give up and keeps creating even when things look bleak. In a transparent and heartfelt video to Final Space fans, Rogers details where he is right now and what his next plans are.

Roger’s next project Godspeed is a proposed animated short that also features video documentation on how to make animation. For aspiring cartoon creators this could provide the window into the process of creating your own show. You can support the project on the official website.

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