Something For The Thanksgiving Weekend: Your Holiday Season Dose Of Popular Posts

by Olly MacNamee

Happy Holidays, folks! We all hope your enjoying your weekend, and maybe you’ve dropped in on us here for a little break from the left-over turkey and/or the family. A little you time to catch up on some of the more popular posts we published this week, maybe? Then, let;s get stuck in…

  1. Frank Martin’s TV reviews continue to prove popular with reviews for American Horror Story S11 Ep.10 (here).
  2. He also reviewed Star Wars’ Andor S01 Ep.11 (here).
  3. Meanwhile, sticking with TV reviews, Rachel Bellwoar reviewed Pennyworth S03 Ep.9 here.
  4. On the convention front, Gary Catig shared LA Comic Con’s guest list with you all (here).
  5. Regular posts getting another look-in this week are: Review Round Up (here)…
  6. As well as Brendan M Allen’s wekly look at new comic book launches and new storylines in his Jumping On column here.
  7. And Richard Bruton’s special memorial Art For Art’s Sake celebrating Carlos Pacheco who past away recently. You can admire a career-spanning selection of art from Pacheco here.
  8. In other news, Image Comics had a good week this week. Firstly with the announced a new dark thriller with Blood Tree (here). We also a first look at Manifest Destiny #48, the series’ finale, here. And then we had a very popular preview for the beautiful looking Sunburn graphic novel here.
  9. Marvel was in the ens this week too with a first look at Miracle Man: The Silver Age #3 here.
  10. Finally, Richard Bruton shared with us a Kickstarter campaign for Neill Cameron’s X365 here.

And, rather than leave you with a video this week as that something little extra, I thought I’d share with you three of my favourite comic book covers celebrating Thanksgiving while paying homage to Mr Americana himself, Norman Rockwell and his iconic ‘Freedom From Want‘ painting (1942/1943):

Happy Holidays, everyone!

‘Freedom From Want’ by Norman Rockwell
JSA #54 by Carlos Pacheco
Fantastic Four #564 by Bryan Hitch
Superboy #36 by Curt Swan

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