Preview: Titan Comics Presents A Collection Of Prose Short Stories In ‘Star Wars: The High Republic: Starlight Stories’

by Olly MacNamee

Titan Comics is releasing a new Star Wars The High Republic short story collection entitled Star Wars: The High Republic: Starlight Stories.

“Step aboard the Starlight Beacon and join Administrator Velko Jahen, Chief Ghal Tarpfen, and Jedi from the High Republic Era as they face: a mysterious assassination attempt; a strange distress call; a threat from the carnivorous Drengir… and more!”

The stories have all appeared in Star Wars Insider magazine, and features tales by The New York Times bestselling authors Justina Ireland, Cavan Scott, and Charles Soule. Plus, if you pick up the deluxe collector’s edition that also includes in-depth interviews exploring the creative process behind the series.

Here’s the full list of stories in this new collection, as well as a preview:

“Go Together” by Charles Soule

“The Starlight Beacon receives a mysterious distress call.”

“First Duty” by Cavan Scott

“Tensions run high when there is an assassination attempt aboard the station.”

“Hidden Danger” by Justina Ireland

“A conference on the Starlight Beacon is disrupted by the slippery Drengir.”

“Past Mistakes” by Cavan Scott

“An old flame of Velko Jahen’s arrives on the station.”

“Shadows Remain” by Justina Ireland

“A strange dream sets a series of dramatic events in motion for Ghal Tarpfen.”


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