Discover The Legends Of Azeroth In Warcraft Fiction Humble Bundle’s Last Days

by Tony Thornley

Azeroth has become one of the iconic modern fantasy settings. Now thanks to Blizzard and Humble Bundle, you can pick up some great novels, short fiction and comics set in the World of Warcraft and donate some money to charity.

The bundle features 22 volumes of incredible stories featuring the legends of Azeroth, for just $18. The bundle includes fantastic novels, incredible comics and exciting short story collections. Even better, a portion of your money goes to the Call of Duty Endowment. You can even adjust what percentage goes to charity.

The Call of Duty Endowment identifies and funds the most efficient and effective organizations that get unemployed veterans back to work.  Our goal is to place 50,000 veterans into high quality jobs by 2019.  For approximately $600, we can fund the placement of one veteran into a good job.  Every dollar donated goes directly to veteran employment programs, as Activision Blizzard covers all of the Endowment’s overhead costs.

The bundle runs through November 30th, at midnight. You can find it here, and get the bundle now.

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