The Feud Continues This February In ‘Madballs Vs. Garbage Pail Kids: Time Again, Slime Again’

by Erik Amaya

It’s already (slime) time for a rematch.

Dynamite announced Thursday a sequel to their successful Madballs Vs. Garbage Pail Kids miniseries — Madballs Vs. Garbage Pail Kids: Time Again, Slime Again. The rematch spans eons with the first issue chronicling the initial tussle between the Cro-Madballs and Neanderthal Pail Kids. Writer Sholly Fisch and artist Jason Crosby also return for more of the mayhem. Additionally, each issue will be packed with stories, puzzles, and activity pages.

“We’re absolutely upping the ante in the second series — by carrying the feud through time and space,” Fisch said in a statement. “Ever wonder what these guys would be like as cavepeople? Or pirates on the high seas? Or 1950s drag racers? Here’s your chance to find out.”

Crosby added, “I’ll also be doing my best to add more snot, louder explosions, and an overall irreverence to the proud medium of comic making.” Here are some samples of his efforts:


Besides interior art, Crosby will also provide covers alongside GPK legend Joe Simko and “special vintage fight poster” styled covers by Ken Haeser.

Madballs Vs. Garbage Pail Kids: Time Again, Slime Again #1 is due out in February.

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