‘Tokyo Ghost’ Gets A Reprint And More From Rick Remender’s Giant Generator Studios And Image Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Tokyo Ghost gets a reprint as a hardcover next year courtesy of Image Comics and Tokyo Ghost co-creator Rick Remender’s Giant Generator Studios. And, to whet our appetite we get a new cover by series’ artist, Sean Gordon Murphy. Tokyo Ghost hardcover reprint which will be available April 2023.

Here’s Remender with more news on this reprint, and others he has planned throughout the coming year:

“The demand for evergreen favorites such as Tokyo Ghost, Deadly Class, Fear Agent, Seven to Eternity, LOW, and Death or Glory has been unrelenting so I’m very excited to announce we’re putting them all back in print in the deluxe oversized hardcover format as well as a new line of complete series compendiums beginning with our bestselling title Black Science. We’re also seeing newer hits like The Scumbag and A Righteous Thirst for Vengeance given the Deluxe hardcover treatment for the first time. I’ve spent the majority of the last decade working with the most dedicated people in comics to complete the first wave of Giant Generator books, allowing the best artists in the industry to take the time they need to tell the stories to the best of their abilities and with wave one of Giant Generator finally completed it’s a joy to ensure these works of exquisite art live on in the prestige formats they deserve.”

Upcoming Giant Generator titles greenlit for publication include to following, with more to come:

  • 12/21Seven To Eternity deluxe hardcover (co-created with artist Jerome Opeña)
  • 4/19/2023Tokyo Ghost deluxe hardcover (co-created w/Murphy, featuring new cover art by Murphy)
  • 4/5/2023Deadly Class Book One deluxe hardcover (co-created with artist Wes Craig)
  • 4/5/2023Black Science: The Complete Story compendium trade paperback edition (co-created with artist Matteo Scalera featuring new cover art by Scalera)
  • 6/14/2023—The Scumbag: The Complete Story deluxe hardcover (featuring various collaborating artists, cover by Greg Tocchini)
  • 6/28/2023—Deadly Class Book Four deluxe hardcover (co-created with artist Craig)
  • 8/9/2023A Righteous Thirst for Vengeance deluxe hardcover (co-created with André Lima Araújo)
  • 11/8/2023—Fear Agent Book One deluxe hardcover (co-created with artist Tony Moore & Opeña)
  • 11/15/2023—Fear Agent Book Two deluxe hardcover (co-created with artist Moore & Opeña)

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