Funko And Loungefly Reveal Exclusives Available During Hot Topic Expo

by Gary Catig

Retail store Hot Topic is holding its own event this month called, appropriately enough, the Hot Topic Expo. On December 13, fans can shop in-store or online to grab highly sought after items. One company taking part in the event is Funko.

Funko, along with its fan-forward apparel and accessories brand Loungefly, will debut one-of-a-kind collectibles and accessories. The fandoms involved include Disney, Sanrio, Jujutsu Kaisen, Blink-182 and more. Let’s take a look at the lineup below.

POP Moments: Winnie the Pooh – CR w/ Pooh – MSRP: $29.90

POP Sanrio: Hello Kitty – Devil Kuromi – MSRP: $14.90


POP Deluxe: Disney – Stitch in bathtub – MSRP: $29.90

POP Rocks: Blink 182 – 3pk – MSRP: $38.90

POP Keychain: Disney – Stitch in bathtub – MSRP: $8.90

POP Disney: TNBC – Jack w/(PK/RD) Box – MSRP: $14.90

Vinyl SODA: DC – Two Face W/CH(MT) – MSRP: $15.00

POP Keychain: JJK S1 – Itadori – MSRP: $8.90

POP Animation: JJK – Itadori (Sukana mth) – MSRP: $14.90

Rocks: The Cure- Robert Smith (BK/MT) – MSRP: $14.90

From Loungefly, there will be:

Sanrio: Kuromi Pin – MSRP: $19.90

Sanrio: Olympia Devil Kuromi Lanyard – MSRP: $8.90

POP Sanrio: Olympia Devil Kuromi Backpack- MSRP: $84.90

Find items for Hot Topic Expo online or at participating locations on December 13.

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