Scout Comics Announces ‘We Wicked Ones’ For March 2023

by Brendan M. Allen

Scout Comics has announced We Wicked Ones, due in march from writer LJ Duey, artist Paulo Mel, colorist Ander Záratenad, letterer crank!.

Twenty years ago, the United States government and the superheroes of F.I.R.E. rounded up and burned every known witch alive. Only two young girls survived.

All grown up, Celia Jordan—now a calloused contract killer in Washington DC—must rescue the only other living witch—her best and only friend, Lily—from the latest incarnation of the superhero task force hunting down witchkind. With Lily’s young son in tow, the sins of Celia’s past will come back to haunt her as she finds herself locked in a harrowing game of cat-and-mouse with superheroes, vengeful politicians, and old friends, all while on a rescue mission of which failure means certain death.

“We Wicked Ones has been my baby for a long time, having gone through multiple, extensive rewrites and drafts of rewrites, it’s been a part of my life and evolved with me as a writer for years now,” said Duey. “Finding a publisher that believes in this story as much as I do is something I could only dream about when I first doodled the main character in a notebook as I should have been listening to my Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory lecture. Scout Comics has proven themselves as a major force for good in the world of indie comics, and I’m so excited to be able to join them in this noble endeavor.”

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