Art From Art’s Sake #192: Comics, Comics, Comics, Don’t You Just Love ‘Em?

by Richard Bruton

Art For Art’s Sake, giving you that comics equivalent of a morning cup of coffee every weekend… so sit back, relax, enjoy the artwork…

Even the greatest have doubts – Philippe Druillet:

When I start a new album, I’m scared. Doubt is the engine of creation. I only find fulfillment once my painting is finished…The trance of art.

Zoe Thorogood

I like how this page turned out. This page is part of a larger very bizarre section of the book that’s absolutely BEGGING to be misinterpreted.

And something very different, but just as gorgeous. Tim Bird‘s work is always beautiful, self-published and through Avery Hill – go check out his work for lots of this sort of thing, always lovely, thoughtful, drifting things… such as this, “the alleyway behind our house”:


Des Taylor

Seth Damoose – love this Kamandi…

Dan Schkade – Captain Marvel Jr. and a cat…

Mike Becker – ‘lil X-Men

And a Mike Becker Dazzler –

Preliminary work from Seth – beautiful – offered up at Comicconnect:

“Great preliminary page from Seth’s Clyde Fans opus. Seth created each page by first creating rough inked versions of each panel and laying them out accordingly on a larger sheet, he then created the final pages from these layouts. The drawing in the layouts are looser, yet still retain the meticulousness and charm of Seth’s lush finished work.”

Evan Dorkin

For a lot of us, drawing your childhood involves a lot of Jack Kirby fan art. His goofiest concepts are endearing, his greatest are, well, pretty goddamned great. Hail and farewell.

Darick Robertson – a little New Mutants fun…

And of all that wonderful early New Mutants, was there anything better than Bill Sienkiewicz’s run on the book?

Paul Smith – FF

Steve White :

“Predator & T.rex v Xenoraptors. A3, pen & ink. Done for fun – What if, in some future, InGen and Weyland-Yutani teamed up and hybridised a Velociraptor and a xenomorph? Of course it all goes horribly wrong, but salvation is at hand. And it rides a JP T.Rex.'”

James Stokoe – Godzilla commission

John Allison :

I realise these days I’m known mostly as one of the “big five” Batman artists but I think I’m also capable of drawing a She-Hulk fill-in issue that would only upset ~ 80% of Marvel readers.

And another She-Hulk – Jen Bartel

Jamie Smart

Remembering when I was commissioned to draw an official poster for Robocop.

Nick Derrington – Mole Man

Dave Bardin – Thor

Dave Bardin – Ant Man

Caspar Wijngaard

A few John McCrea Rogue Troopers…

Michel Fiffe – Bit of Kirby Galactus for you…

The wonderful Paul Grist


Dan HippAnother fresh batch of variant cards for @MarvelSnap

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