Something For The Weekend: Your Regular Dose Of Popular Posts

by Olly MacNamee

Once again we bring you our weekly round up of the more popular post from this week’s missives. So, what were you reading this week? Find out below.

  1. We had not one but two Mark Millar exclusives this week with previews for both American Jesus: Revelation #3 (here) and The Magic Order 4 #1 (here).
  2. Tony Thornley brought us news on Marvel’s Free Comic Book Day offerings here.
  3. DC Comics revealed more details and first looks a three new Dawn of DC titles here.
  4. We had another new edition of the Deconstructing Comics podcast for you to listen in on here.
  5. The ICE-Cast Live interviewed Mad Cave Studios’ Executive Vice President and Editor-In-Chief Mike Marts here.
  6. Frank Martin reviewed Velma S01 ep.3 here.
  7. And, he also reviewed National Treasure: Edge of History S01 ep.7 here.
  8. Brendan M Allen’s Jumping On Point can be read here.
  9. Review Round Up also hits the list. Read up here.
  10. Finally, we’ll leave you with three very popular previews: All-Out Avengers #5 (Marvel), Murderworld: Wolverine #1 (Marvel) and Star Trek– Strange New Worlds—The Illyrian Enigma #4 (IDW).

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