‘Dungeon Degenerates’ Is Back For A Fifth Printing On Kickstarter

by Brendan M. Allen

Goblinko is going back to the well with the monolith of solo and group play, Dungeon Degenerates. The lowbrow underground board game is so popular, it’s getting a 5th printing.

Unique art with a Punk, Metal and Stoner ethos; a Universal Horror take on The Wizard of Oz… Players can experience one of the best solo-adventure board games on the market. Portland, Oregon’s underground shop, Goblinko, is stoked to launch the fifth edition of Dungeon Degenerates: Hand of Doom tabletop game on Kickstarter. 

Created by Sean Äaberg and Katie Äaberg, Dungeon Degenerates: Hand of Doom has the feel of an RPG: inspired by underground comix, blacklight posters, and all manner of counterculture and trash culture references. Play anti-hero, criminal degenerates, the dregs of society and the game has that sort of “looking up from the gutter” view that sets it apart from other games. 

The Würstreich – an Empire in decline, where survival is an adventure unto itself. Once the pinnacle of human civilization, it now teeters on the brink of Total Doom; collapsing into corruption, decadence, decay & madness. Evil Wizards pervert the very fabric of nature, bringing gibbering madness from beyond screaming into absolution & an endless menagerie of monsters fight for domination! In chaos – there is opportunity!

The fecund stench of the Rotten Realm of the Würstreich beckons as the shadowy Necromancer’s Hand of Doom points its yellowed fingernail & projects its diabolical decree on the cursed land! Having escaped from the moldy dungeons of Brüttelburg, a handful of Degenerate Adventurers must use wits & weapons to find their fortune in the monster & madness infested Borderlands – fate decided by the luck of the draw & the roll of the dice!

“My brain is like a prehistoric swamp with life crawling out of it,” said creator Sean Äaberg. “Then I let the elements stew in my brain for a while until ideas start spilling out, in sketchbooks and in writing. The ideas start to relate to each other more when they start to gain form, they’re still more fluid ad not in a permanent state—I bounce ideas off of Katie to solidify the plan where we hope that people simultaneously get the feeling of escape from reality into this world of fantasy, but also that they come out feeling stronger, like there are more opportunities, that life can offer more. We want people to learn from their experiences, take something with them.”

Backer rewards kick in at $9 for a Kickstarter exclusive miniature. A physical copy of the game is available at the $75 level. At various other levels, there are booster packs, missions books, zines, expansion packs, and more. The campaign is already funded, and ends on February 25, 2023. Check it out here

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