K-Pop Sensations NCT 127 And Z2 Comics Team Up For ‘Limitless’ Graphic Novel For Summer 2023

by Richard Bruton

The nine-member K-Pop darlings, the NCT 127 group come together with Z2 Comics for the very first official K-Pop graphic novel… Limitless.

NCT 127: Limitless Cover Art by Kayla Felty & Megan Huang

It’s a surprise it’s taken this long, and more of a surprise that BTS or Black Pink didn’t get there first, but no, the 9-piece K-Pop band NCT 127 have announced their first graphic novel, the first officially licensed K-Pop graphic novel.

Entitled Limitless, the PR tells us that “the comic will introduce a brand new fictional chapter into the lives of all nine members of the global phenomenon.”

Written by Hoae Kim & SM Entertainment with Reiko Scott, with art from Kayla Felty, and a cover by Felty & Megan Huang, Limitless is set for release in ‘summer 2023’.

NCT 127 are part of the NCT group, whose 23 members split into four subunits. NCT 127, who debuted in July 2016, is NCT’s Seoul team/subunit.

And if you’re wondering, NCT stands for Neo Culture Technology and 127 is the longitude of Seoul. (Thanks to K-Pop loving daughter for that particular bit of info there.)

Here’s the Z2 PR for this one…

Limitless follows NCT 127 in the midst of their world tour as they approach New York City. The members soon experience a world of shared and enigmatic dreams. By solving these subconscious mysteries that seem to be intersecting with reality, they overcome their inner fears.

Since debuting in 2016, NCT 127 have sold a lot of records. A lot. Their third full-length album Sticker and fourth full-length album 2 Baddies sold more than 3 million copies. Plus, their last three albums got into the top five of the Billboard 200 in the USA. NCT 127 recently completed its second world tour, Neo City: The Link, which drew approximately 700,000 fans throughout 17 major cities. So yes, quite big, especially in K-Pop circles but increasingly those K-Pop circles are going global.

NCT 127: Limitless will come in the usual array of Z2 print versions. There’s the standard hardcover and deluxe hardcover editions, set to release in late summer 2023. The standard hardcover will come with nine variant covers, each featuring members of NCT 127 whilst the deluxe hardcover will come with nine art prints illustrated by Kayla Felty and a certificate of authenticity.

You can preorder NCT 127: Limitless at Z2 Comics now.

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