Live From Planet Comicon Kansas City: Happy Hour- Comics, Cocktails, And Cryptids

by Brendan M. Allen

I was honored this past weekend to participate in Planet Comicon Kansas City as a panel moderator. One of my panels was a live version of our Happy Hour show on the Comicon YouTube channel, featuring yours truly, Cullen Bunn, and Anton Kromoff

Here’s the official panel description:

Bigfoot, Nessie, Mothman, Chupacabra… Monsters, aliens, and cryptids play a huge role in comics, film, and literature. Cullen Bunn, Anton Kromoff, and Brendan M. Allen, hosts of’s Happy Hour: Comics and Cocktails, will explore cryptids in pop culture, while imbibing whatever spirits the trio can rustle up in and around the Kansas City Convention Center.

Anton ended up having a scheduling conflict and wasn’t able to attend, but luckily, we were able to convince Mr. Macabre to sit in as a guest on short notice. My camera ended up breaking just a few minutes into the recording, but Mrs. Macabre was in the front row and was able to capture the rest of the panel with her phone camera. So, here’s the video, thanks in no small part to Melissa Tabor.

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