Preview: Maths Madness Multiplies As The Rick/Goldenfold War Explodes In ‘Rick And Morty #3’

by Richard Bruton

More multiversal mathematical madness – it’s war between the Goldenfold and the Rick armies!

Cover A – Fred C. Stresing

Yes, the new ongoing Rick and Morty series continues with the war between the Ricks and the Goldenfolds ramping up. It’s genii versus genii or geniuses versus genieses (I always forget which one we’re meant to use nowadays). Anyway, loads of mega-smart Ricks and super-brainy Goldenfolds all about the place.

Next thing you know, a switch is pulled and it’s all one big bang…


Next stop, the Uber-Realm. Oh, and Morty’s got himself a nice new girlfriend.

Basically, it’s all the Rick and Morty nonsense you’d expect, coming from Oni Press at the end of the month.

Now, here’s the PR blurby stuff from Oni Press…

“The invasion continues!

War brews between the Goldenfold and Rick armies. Can the Ricks save their world with problem-solving science, or will the Goldenfolds subtract them from the equation? Yep, it’s still about math! Oh, and Morty’s new girlfriend seems…nice?”

Cover C – Katie Skelly

Written by Alex Firer

Art by Fred C. Stresing

Colours by Andrew Dalhouse

Letters by Crank!

Rick and Morty #3 is out on Wednesday 29th March from Oni Press

Okay then, time for a quick preview of all the shenanigans… plus a trio of covers for you..


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