‘The Ambassadors’ #1 Is A Sell Out And Heading For A Second Printing

by Olly MacNamee

Mark Millar and Frank Quitely’s The Ambassadors has sold out at the distributor level. So… we get a second printing. More proof that there is no longer a global paper shortage. that force publishers to stop second printings.

But, unlike other second printings that sport just a new cover, this one will feature bonus backmatter material showcasing Quitely’s art process. An artist who hasn’t done interiors in six years. Maybe one of the reasons this book has done so well.

And, in case you forgot, this six issue miniseries  leads directly into the summer crossover event, “Big Game” also being trailed in Nemesis: Reloaded, Night Club and The Magic Order 4.

Millar commented on this latest news in an official statement:

“I have two simple words for the retailers and readers who got behind us this week to such a crazy degree and the reviewers who helped create that buzz in the first place—thank you. I know it’s an overused expression, but this truly has been a labour of love for all of us and I still can’t quite believe we have a book out every two weeks with complete issues by the likes of Frank Quitely, Travis Charest, Olivier Coipel, Karl Kerschl, Matteo Buffagni and Matteo Scalera. Frank hasn’t done comic interiors in over six years and it’s been many more years since Travis graced the industry with his genius. I contacted him literally decades ago and here we are working together at last. This is a dream comic for me. Thanks for making it all come true and we hope you enjoy this new special edition we have coming.”

As for the rest of the series, here’s the dates and artists involved:

The Ambassadors #2 (interiors by Karl Kerschl) on sale Wednesday, April 12th

The Ambassadors #1 second printing (cover & interiors by Frank Quitely) on sale Wednesday, April 26th

The Ambassadors #3 (interiors by Travis Charest) on sale Wednesday, April 26th

The Ambassadors #4 (interiors by Olivier Coipel) on sale Wednesday, May 10th

The Ambassadors #5 (interiors by Matteo Buffagni) on sale Wednesday, May 24th

The Ambassadors #6 (interiors by Matteo Scalera) on sale Wednesday, June 7th

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