Alan Moore & Melinda Gebbie To Take Part In Liverpool ‘Happening’ On April Fool’s Day

by Staff

A 14 hour long multi-artform ‘Happening’ event will be taking place in Liverpool on April 1st, aptly titled “The 14 Hour Super Weird Happening”, organized by the DJ Greg Wilson and  supported by his Super Weird Substance label. As you might guess in order to fill 14 hours of a festival, a number of performers will be taking part in the musical performances, exhibitions, spoken word performances, and panel discussions.
For those who recall the 2014 Cosmic Trigger events in Liverpool, this event follows in that vein, and will feature author John Higgs and Daisy Campbell, who will be presenting scenes from Cosmic Trigger, a play about Robert Anton Wilson. Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie have joined the bill, and there will be an exhibition of Melinda Gebbie’s work. The entire event will operate in a counter-cultural vein, from all appearances, and also seeks to tap into the strands of underlying historical and cultural identity in the city of Liverpool.
The team running the event have actually staged six happenings before, and are building on success with this new venture.
The 14 Hour Super Weird Happening takes place at The Florrie on 1 April 2017, from 11am-1am.  Early tickets are on sale for a limited time at £10 and are available here.

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