Do You Have Your Cursed Bloody Roses and Misery Cards For Valentine’s Day?

by Staff

If you frequent large comic conventions like New York Comic Con, you may have come across the innovative company Akumu Ink. They specialize in the sweetest and moodiest of gothy designs for t-shirts and collectibles. They have not only warmed to Valentine’s Day but have positively set their own tone just for you.
For all of us who like a little of the macabre in any romance, there are the “cursed, bloody roses” of this Beauty and the Beast-like t-shirt and for the writer in your life a Poesian “last words” typewriter:
But for all and sundry to celebrate the most romantic day of the year properly, there are “misery” cards in packs of 4 for $10:

If you fancy Akumu Ink, keep your eyes peeled for them at Wondercon at the end of March into early April, too.

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