Addressing Current Dangers To Our Rights – The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund At ECCC

by Staff

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund took to the Twitch Livestream stage at Emerald City Comic Con on Saturday to spread their message and talk about their work.
Charles Brownstein, the Executive Director of the CBLDF, said they fight people who are trying to infringe on personal rights. The CBLDF protects the freedom to read comics, wherever that is threatened, he said, as well as protecting artists, writers, and retailers.
Recently, a cartoonist who did a documentary style comic using a reference image was going to be sued for millions of dollars for using that image, and a legal case was set up to protect the cartoonist, Brownstein said.
Right now, there’s a school where a parent is trying to have book banned called Stuck in the Middle, containing the work of major creators. They are working on making sure that book is available, since it’s a matter of choice whether parents want their kids to read it.
In the USA, there are many challenges to content in schools and libraries, and there’s a difference between parenting kids and parenting a community, Brownstein said. The latter can remove proper representation in books.
Regarding the current political climate, Brownstein says the CBLDF has been writing a lot of letters, and are coming out on the first amendment issue regarding the government asking for social media passwords. That puts a lot of constitutionally protected rights at risk, he said. They have also condemned the immigration ban, since among other things it will keep creators from traveling for their work or from coming to the USA for asylum if they are from the countries listed.
The CBLDF is asking for people to notice what is happening locally. Settled laws are now being challenged again in ways that might affect rights.
The CBLDF goes to court when necessary. Last year they knocked down a law in Lousiana trying to put an age 18 warning on websites where it wasn’t appropriate that would’ve instead restricted sales for creators and retailers.
You can learn more about the CBLDF by visiting their website, of course, to look into membership and supporting their cause:

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