Visiting The Vinyl TITANS Collectibles Exhibit At The Museum Of Pop Culture In Seattle

by Staff

I became aware a few days ago that Titan Merchandise was up to something at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, somewhere I was already planning to visit. Pictures went up on social media suggesting they’d been putting in a new exhibit at the famous museum near the Space Needle, replete with vinyl goodness and a number of character sets.

While the museum itself contains many varied exhibits (more about that in future days on the site), yhe TITANS vinyls had taken pride of place near one of the entry ways in a recessed and lit glass cabinet. Seeing them displayed in this way really did make me think of them as art objects as much as collectibles, and they always have been. Well designed, formed from more rugged vinyl than you’ll  find in may other collectibles, these brightly colored sculpts have their distinctive appeal.

On the top shelf we have Doctor Who represented:

Next up, we have Beatles/Yellow Submarine, Sherlock, Breaking Bad, and more :

And lastly, Star Trek, Aliens, and yet more Who:

Overall, seeing the entire collection presented so artful in a major traffic area of the museum really dignified the high quality of the creations–from design to paint. And reminded the entire museum that pop culture collectibles play a big role in expressing our fandoms.

To find out more about Titan Merchandise and their vinyl collectibles, their website is right here.

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