Faith Is Our Past, Present, And Future Hero In Valiant’s Faith And The Future Force

by Staff

As announced yesterday during Valiant’s Summit for 2017, streamed live from the HyperPRG studio on Twitch, Valiant are soon to be embarking on a new series for their breakout female superhero Faith, giving her the helm of a team-up book called Faith and the Future Force. Faith was originally chosen as a promising character to work with by writer Jody Houser (Mother Panic, Star Wars: Rogue One), and she developed a standalone series for Faith with Valiant, which has met with great success. Now Houser will be writing this new series, with art by Stephen Segovia and Barry Kitson, and covers by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic.
In a summer event, Faith will team up with Valiant heroes past, present, and future, to take on a threat in time–a rogue Artificial Intelligence with nefarious goals. When the AI attackes the “foundations of time”, our “Timewalker” in the Valiant Universerse, Neela Sethi, arrives in 21st century Earth looking for help, and recruits Faith to lead them.

Arriving for its first issue in July, Faith and the Future Force will test Faith’s legendary optimism and reserves of resourcefulness,  but will also show just what she’s made of as a hero and a leader.

Here’s what Houser and the Valiant team had to say about Faith and the Future Force at the Valiant Summit 2017, which we covered here on
Moving from a limited series to an ongoing series, Faith was a character who Houser really shaped. Asked what mini-series she’d like to write, Houser actually chose Faith. She’s the character who gets to be “optimistic” and “believe that she can make a difference”, someone audiences can relate to who grew up with sci-fi and fantasy, and now embraces her role in a unique way. Faith lives in Los Angeles and is a reporter by day, and faces off against a rogues gallery, who you’ll see together in the current arc, “The Faithless”. Her solo title is moving on to issue #12, but after that things are going in a new direction, called Faith and the Future Force. She’ll be interacting with the greatest heroes of the Valiant Universe from the past, present, and future.
Faith is a character who has always wanted to travel through time, and now she’s going to get her chance, but in an effort to save reality. Neela Sethi, the new Timewalker, will be back in the same effort, but it’s a hard feat to achieve alone. This title will bring together “all the timelines in the Valiant Universe”, Hunter Gorinson said. The narrative will include multiple artists, and as the story progresses, Faith is going to need more and more firepower in help from others, to face off against a “malevolent AI”.  Houser teased that “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”, which is totally plausible in a time travel story.
Dinesh Shamdasani said it’s a “huge cast” and “the best thing” Houser has “ever written”. It’s an “event” in bringing together Valiant characters, and this is “our Infinity Gauntlet”, Gorinson added.
Faith and the Future Force #1 arrives from Valiant in July 2017.

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