Celebrities, Power Brokers, And The Paranormal – Preview Black Mask’s There’s Nothing There #1

by Staff

This week, the first issue of a new series from Black Mask Studios arrives in shops, written by Patrick Kindlon who co-wrote You Can Never Go Home and SHIELD: Quake, and drawn by Maria Llovet.
There’s Nothing There is a thriller that explores celebrity culture and the “power brokers” who misuse them, but it’s also a story with “paranormal” and “paranoid” elements, according to Black Mask. We follow a “sharp new heroine”  who’s determined to figure out how to win the game without being the pawn.
Described as a “surreal world”, here are our covers for There’s Nothing There #1:

And here’s an extended preview of the interior art on this first issue:

There’s Nothing There #1 arrives in shops this Wednesday, April 26th.

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