A House Of Flies – Preview The Magdalena #2, Out This Week From Top Cow

by Staff

The fan-favorite new series from Top Cow returns this week with The Magdalena #2. In a series that pits a female supernatural guardian of earth against the demons of Hell, we also have some developments as 31 year old Patience has to train her new teen aged protege, Maya. And of course, Maya thinks she’s got it covered, when she doesn’t know a thing.We also get some more lore to fill us in on the traditions of The Magdalena in this issue.

Written by Tini Howard and Ryan Cady, with art by Christian Dibari, colors by Mike Spicer, and letters by Troy Peteri, The Magdalena #2 is subtitled “House of Flies” and teases a “dangerous mistake” for this duo just trying to save the world.

Here’s our extended preview of the interiors on The Magdalena #2, out this week on April 26th:

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