Meet The Cast Of Boom’s New Series Misfit City, In Shops This Week

by Staff

Today, May 10th, the first issue of Boom! Studios’ new series in their Boom! Box imprint, Misfit City arrives. It’s been hailed as a Goonies-style adventure comic set in the Pacific Northwest on the coast, but featuring a girl gang. In fact, the comic riffs on The Goonies by having a cult 80’s kids film set there as part of the legacy of the town.
The idea that nothing interesting actually happens there is backdrop to these adventure-seeking teens in their quest for excitement. And then…they come upon a pirate map by a female pirate, Black Mary, leading them into the unknown. Written by Kiwi Smith and Kurt Lustgarten with art by Naomi Franquiz, and colors by Brittany Peer, the series looks to contain a lot of humor, an exuberance for comic art, and will almost certainly reflect on the role of your friends in finding yourself as a young person.
Here are our covers for Misfit City #1 by Naomi Franquiz, Paulina Ganucheau, and Ester Zejn:

And today, Boom have released these character profiles with artist notes from Franquiz cluing us in to the styles and concepts behind these personalities, including a canine:

Now that you know these gals and hound a little better, check out a preview of this week’s comic:

Misfit City #1 arrives in comic shops today, May 10th, 2017.

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