Steven Universe Goes To A Renaissance Faire – Geeks Rejoice

by Staff

This week, the 4th issue of the current Steven Universe series published by the KaBoom! imprint at Boom! Studios arrives, and so far in each issue the creative team have knocked the ball out of the park. They’ve managed to create new stories that are in harmony with the tone and concepts behind the animated series as well as bring sprightly artwork to life. Written by Melanie Gillman, with art by Katy Farina, and colors by Whitney Cogar, Steven Universe is a delightful comics experience.
Now, Steven, Peridot, and Amethyst set off on an adventure to a local Renaissance Faire. Because of course they do! It’s almost like Boom and the creators are aware that a large number of comic professionals and comic fans are obsessed with Renaissance Faires. And this just feels like a gift. Encountering “fried food and theater”, the group take in the fun, while Peridot gets brave and enters the joust.
Our variant covers on issue #4 are by Missy Peña, Rian Sygh, and Jenn St-Onge:

And here’s a look at the interior art on Steven Universe #4:

Steven Universe #4 arrives in comic shops this Wednesday, May 31st.

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