You Can Pre-Order A Deluxe, Limited Edition Big Trouble In Little China Board Game

by Staff

Pre-orders have opened, giving access to a deluxe version of the game, “Big Trouble in Little China: The Game“, developed by Everything Epic and Flipside in partnership with Boom! Studios. Priced at $99.95, the board game has been created by Chris Batarlis (Everything Epic) and Boris Polonsky (Flipside).

This “thematic cooperative adventure game” allows 1-4 players to work together and experience the events that they recall from the film, as well as to create new adventures. Dozens of “film-inspired story-quests” focus on action, and 40 detailed miniatures set the game in motion.
The game plays in two acts: Act One, “The Quest for Little China,” uses the front side of the game boardChinatown. Act Two, “The Final Showdown,” takes place on the reverse side of the board in Lo Pan’s Lair. Players can choose from six hero characters, each with individual abilities, and use custom dice for actions, quest tasks, skill checks and combat.

By preordering the game now, fans will receive a deluxe, limited edition version which includes the core game as well as several extra components to add up to two additional players for a total to six. It also features an exclusive variant box and a Legacy of Lo Pan campaign-style quest line which adds new epic hero abilities as well as a unique Showdown for the second act of the game.
Boris Polonsky, founder and creative director of Flipside says:

We developed the dual-sided game board by paying close attention to all of the details in the environments, and the miniatures were designed by intensely studying the characters to create the perfect pose, costume details, and likenesses.  It wasn’t easy… but I think we made a beautiful board game that will let fans experience that world in a brand-new way!

Find out more about the game, which is forthcoming in 2017, and the deluxe version you can access through pre-order right here.

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