Dynamite’s Sheena Zero Issue Passes 100,000 In Initial Orders

by Hannah Means Shannon

In a big announcement from Dynamite Entertainment, we’ve learned that their comic Sheena is already getting a very positive reaction from retailers and fans. Dynamite introduced a zero issue retailing at only 25 cents as an incentive to get comic readers and comic shops interested in the series, and that zero issue has had over 100,000 copies requested in initial orders, arriving on August 2nd, 2017.

The series, which arrives for issue #1 in September, is written by Marguerite Bennett and Christina Trujillo, with art by Moritat, and features a classic character dubbed by some to be America’s first super-heroine as Queen of the Jungle.
Bennett describes the series as: “high adventure, quick wit, ancient mysteries, and daring dames–clashing with the perils of two worlds: one, the modern world come to conquer, and one, a world of dark supernatural mystery long forgotten, awoken to anger once more”.
Here’s a closer look at five pages of interior art on Sheena #0:

The Diamond order codes for Sheena #0 are: JUN171444 – JUN171447

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