Preview The 100 Page Super Spectacular Savage Dragon #225

by Olly MacNamee

Out on Wednesday 26th July is the 100 page Super Spectacular Savage Dragon #225 with a promise of that cover in amongst a selection of more wholesome covers such as the retro cover we’re including with our preview. And trust me, the comic is as explosive as the cover and preview pages suggest.

The Merging of Multiple Earth” Conclusion Giant-sized 25th anniversary special! Savage Dragon is restored to his former glory as he bulks up to take on Darklord in a final battle! Mr. Glum’s devious plot to merge the multi-verse comes to its cataclysmic conclusion! Savage Dragon and Malcolm Dragon join forces to save Angel Murphy and the very earth itself!

You can pick yours either digitally or as a floppy copy for $9.99.

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