Blade Runner Screenwriter Hampton Fancher Takes Focus In Escapes Trailer

by Erik Amaya

The life — or lives — of Blade Runner screenwriter Hampton Fancher takes focus in the trailer in the upcoming documentary, Escapes.

I’ll be honest, I’m a junky for this sort of documentary. Especially one in which a survivor of insane and wonderful stories tells them. In the case of Fancher, a dancer turned actor turned screenwriter, there might be too many to tell. According to the official synopsis, “Fancher recounts episodes from his remarkable life — romantic misadventures with silver-screen stars, wayward acts of chivalry, jealousy, and friendship — matched with a parallel world of film and TV footage wherein Fancher plays cowboys, killers, fops, cads, and the occasional hero.” And all of that is before his involvement with Blade Runner.
Although, considering how well known some of the stories of Blade Runner are, I wonder if Fancher has anything new to add that heavily documented production.
We’ll find out soon enough as Escapes rolls out into release through August.
(h/t: Slashfilm)

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